Juniper VPN and Firefox 3 Workaround

Juniper Networks, doesn’t officially support Firefox 3 as of yet. But here’s an unofficial workaround.

Prerequisite: A Recently Upgraded Juniper VPN Device

You (or your network administrator) need to upgrade the Juniper VPN software to one of the latest versions. Juniper’s software downloads can be found here and I’ve written upgrade instructions here: How to Upgrade Juniper SSL VPN. I got this working on version 6.0R6.

How To Login From Firefox 3

1) Login to the VPN using your user name and password (not as administrator).

2) Your browser will hang at a URL that looks like this:

3) Edit your URL to remove the “0″ between “starter” and “cgi”. It should look like this:

4) Press enter and your VPN client should load properly.

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